Blacksmith Newcastle

For a blacksmith Newcastle speak with us. Exklusiv Metal is one of the most prominent companies that you now find for high-quality blacksmith works, and if you want to get customised furniture and all types of steel railings, balustrades, security doors and windows for your home or office.

The company deals in all minor and major, large-scale architectural works involving welding, decorative custom metal manufacturing, designing metal balustrades, staircases, and many other designs for home and commercial places. The art that a blacksmith knows is all about not just design but also about a fine integration of the metal joinery to produce the final product in an impeccable form. At Exklusiv Metal we believe in complete integrity while dealing with our customers, and they can go through our previous works, and the sample projects are undertaken, to understand what type of works we generally do.

Blacksmithing Newcastle

We specialise in blacksmithing in Newcastle. Blacksmithing is the art where the use of hot iron is shaped and transformed to produce numerous objects as an output. It enhances the visual and physical quality of the environment. Exklusiv Metal was established by Markus Serbin in the year 2006, and he himself was a master craftsman while dealing with iron objects. In older times the art of blacksmithing consisted of making the basic utensils and tools like the metallic hoofs of horses, knives, forks, and cooking pots. But now, there has been a massive change in the way the artistry of the blacksmiths is appreciated all over the world. Metal fabrication and welding services are the common work that they do now, for homes and for business establishments, so for a blacksmith in Newcastle contact our team.

Exklusiv Metal is a known name that has a wonderful working area for metal forge work, metal industrial and commercial work, manufacturing gates, mobile and steel welding services, and all kinds of blacksmithing works

We have been serving the areas in and around Newcastle and our customer testimonials speak amply about the varieties that we offer them. Whether you want the rustic, provincial, or the countryside style to your home, or you want to go for more contemporary ones, you can trust Exklusiv Metal for all types of furniture, designs in different furniture segments, and for giving a plush new decor to your existing living area.

For one of the leading blacksmiths in NSW contact Markus Serbin or visit our blacksmiths shop. We provide blacksmith services across Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Sydney.

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