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Nowadays, it is generally very hard to find superior quality blacksmiths. While homeowners want to go for customised furniture made of steel, wrought iron or any other metal, they do not have many options when choosing a known company.

Here is where Exklusiv Metal comes to the forefront. Exklusiv Metal was established in 2006 in Newcastle by Markus Serbin, a Master Craftsman in the metal trade, who moved from Germany to Newcastle in 2000. He has more than 25 years of experience in the traditional way of forming and forging the cold metal into a picturesque and lively ornament. Since moving to Australia he has experienced the great demand for less corrosive metals and their more modern designs. As a result of these two worlds, you get the combination of both which gives Exklusiv Metal products an individual and unique look. As well as the quality of our products, we supply an outstanding and reliable service, where we guarantee to meet the customers’ expectation even those with reservations about tradesman reliability.

Exklusiv Metal is known among its customers to provide steel balustrades, handrails, security doors, and windows that ensure complete privacy and security.

We have been working in the segment of welding, blacksmithing, manufacturing, and integrating mobile welding and structural steel to implement some of the most innovative designs that complement the living pattern of any space. The right way for any artist blacksmith and the wrought iron blacksmith is to go for a well-integrated styling and manufacturing process and we provide the best services to our customers. We take orders from customers, discuss the detailing they want before making a final layout of the design and getting approval from our customers so that the process of fabrication and furniture building remains smooth and stress free. Whereas steel balustrades are durable and they give the perfect finishing to any staircase, the metal security doors and windows also allow the home electricity bill to get reduced and keep intruders away.

Exklusiv Metal has been one of the names to reckon with when it comes to quality metalwork, frames, and fixtures.

We  have expertise in making custom metal tables and several models of chairs for dining, offices, and for garden spaces. The right customisation option gives free play to our imagination as a blacksmith and we love to deliver excellent and glitch-free work. Our team of professionals spend hours blacksmithing and churning out the most eye-catching patterns for staircases, tables, chairs, doors, windows. All our metals are powder coated and our customers love every intricate design that we put in as part of our effort.

As a family owned business we have been serving customers in the Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Sydney area for years. You can reach Markus directly on his mobile or via our website. We also have our social media pages that you can check out.

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