Welcome to the timeless world of metalwork and forgework.

Please feel free to look around my web site by clicking on the menus above to learn more about Blacksmithing, my skills as an Artist Blacksmith, and to see examples of my work.  We specialise in decorative custom metal fabrication, custom metal ballustrades, custom metal staircases, and custom metal tables and chairs.

Blacksmithing is the craft where by working the iron in its hot, plastic state it is possible to shape and transform what is normally considered a hard-edged material into an altogether softer, more fluid expression.

From small fittings to larger architectural applications, ironwork may be designed and used to enrich both the visual and physical aspects of our environment.

Exklusivmetal was established in 2006 in Newcastle by Markus Serbin, a Master Craftsman in the metal trade, who moved from Germany to Newcastle in 2000.